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Candili from above
The courtyard
The Granary
Konaki entrance
Candili from the fields
Spring at Candili
The big swimming pool
East coast of Euboea
Candili is rented on an exclusive basis as an entire estate for whatever you chosen activity (or inactivity!). Irrespective of the number of guests, a booking includes use of all bedrooms, common rooms, gardens, swimming pools, and the yoga/seminar room.

Candili consists of the main house (Konaki), the Granary and the Stable, built around a courtyard. The converted Granary comprises ten ensuite bedrooms upstairs; social rooms (dining, sitting and library) are downstairs - or outside in the summer.



Since 1832 Candili has been owned by the Noel and Noel-Baker family. The estate was bought by Edward Noel, a relative of Lord Byron, an artist, poet, educationalist and prominent Philhellene. 


Euboea (pronounced in Greek as Evvia) is a long narrow island connected to the mainland with a bridge at Halkis, the main town of the island. The Candili Estate lies in the valley of the river Cereus, between the mountains of Candili and Pyxaria, in the North of Euboea, about two hours drive North-West of Athens. The 10,000-acre estate is an area of spectacular natural beauty: mountains and hills forested with Aleppo pine and oak, rivers bordered by plane trees, olive groves and fertile valleys where maize and cotton are grown. 

Candili sits on the edge of the village of Prokopi, so it takes a few minutes to walk down into the centre. 

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