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Breakfast table
Bedroom Ochi
Bedroom Dirfis
Bedroom Athos
Bedroom Konaki
Sitting room
Yoga and seminar room
The plunge pool
The big pool

Candili has evolved from the Noel-Baker family house and farm buildings, built around a courtyard. The converted Granary comprises bedrooms upstairs (all ensuite) and social rooms (dining, sitting and library) downstairs - or outside in the summer.

A large hall in the converted hayloft is suitable for yoga, Tai Chi, meetings, dances and so on.

The rooms are traditionally furnished. Some are arranged as apartments, making perfect accommodation for families who want separate and but a common hall. The bedrooms are independent enough to give individual privacy, but the shared veranda, reception rooms and gardens provide a sociable atmosphere and a sense of belonging to the Candili family. 

The vegetable garden produces much of the food; delicious traditional Greek home cookery prepared by Stavroula, the family’'s cook.

There is a fresh water plunge pool and a larger swimming pool down the hill, plenty of space for games like badminton or French cricket, table tennis, and a well equipped and bright pottery and art studio with wheels and kilns.

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