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Formerly known as Achmetaga, Candili has been owned by the Noel and Noel-Baker family since 1832.

The estate was bought by Edward Noel, a relative of Lord Byron, the artist, poet, educationalist and prominent Philhellene. At the time when Euboea had not yet been liberated with the rest of Greece at independence, he was invited by Count Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece, to buy the estate on Euboea in order to encourage the Turks to leave the island. Encouraged by Lady Byron, his mentor and sponsor, his original plan was to start an agricultural school.

Politicians, writers, artists and other prominent figures have stayed here over the years, marking an illustrious historical record in the guest book. As the life of the estate has evolved, so its buildings have been converted to their present form and function.

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